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... A paradise for all seasons...

Pertouli is located on the mountainous Pindos, at an altitude of 1250 meters.

Here you will enjoy:
Wintry, magical landscape of an inexpressible beauty, snow with gloomy fog or with a bright sunshine.
The lucid spring, the smell of the clean fresh green.
The summer breeze, the scents of fir and rare wildflowers.
The beautiful colors of autumn among the endless green of fir, you will breathe the fresh autumn air, you will feel the smell of the warm earth, and you will see the "mist" rising above the pine trees after an autumn rain.

You will make tours and walks in the surrounding mountains, the forest and the rivers; you will collect mushrooms, wild strawberries, blueberries, tea and oregano. You will see wildlife - deers, foxes, hares. You will do winter sports, horseback riding, hunting, rafting, kayaking and more. You will hear birds singing about their freedom.

You will hear legends about elves and fairies and traditions from the local residents. You will learn stories about events that occurred during the years of German occupation in the area where one of the largest pages of the history of the national resistance was written. You will buy local products (jams, honey, oregano, frumenty, noodles, milk and cheese) from women of the village.

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